Here you can find various documents

HTTP/HTTPS inspection tools (odp)
Presentation about HTTP & HTTPS protocol inspection tools (swedish)
FriBID FSCONS 2010 (odp)
FriBID project presentation lighning talk at FSCONS 2010
Same presentation for the FriBID project at FOSS STHLM meeting #4 (swedish)
FriBID SFD 2010
My presentation of the FriBID project at Svenska Linuxföreningen Software Freedom Day (swedish)
Squid presentation OPTIMERA STHLM! 2010 (odp)
My presenation held at OPTIMERA STHLM! 2010-05-31 (swedish)
Squid DFS 2009 (odp)
Squid presentation held at Dataföreningen Stockholm open source network in 2009
Squid presentation FSCONS 2007
My Squid presentation held at FSCONS 2007
Squid presentation at Linux-SE annual meeting 2007 (swedish)
This swedish presentation was held in conjunction to the annual assembly of Linux-SE
SpeedTouch 780WL
Notes regarding the SpeedTouch 780WL modem and how to enable some hidden powers of this modem