WWW Interface to DNS administration

My goal is a complete WWW interface for administating a DNS server. The software available here is only the first steps towards a complete DNS server interface.

I currently have 2 different versions, with somewhat different functionality & performance.

Version 1, Most complete, but slow

This version is based on webdns by Chris Lindblad <cjl@lcs.mit.edu>. I have ported the code to perl5, cleaned up the code and added some minor new functionality.

Download: webdns-1.1.4.pl (Version 1.1.4, 1999-09-27)

Documentation: About webdns 1.1.4


This version is considered stable. It is a bit slow, but it does it's job.


Copyright 1994 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Copyright 1997-1998 Henrik Nordström <webdns@henriknordstrom.net>

This software is provided without any charge, and may be distributed freely. See "About webdns 1.1.4" for complete copyright notices.

Version 2, Faster, but not as complete

This version is based on another webdns by Matthew D. Stock <stock@perdix.acsu.buffalo.edu>. I fixed some bugs (to get it working) and added some missing features to the user interface to make it almost useable.

Download: webdns2-alpha2.tar.gz (Version 2-alpha2, 1999-01-05)


Alpha release. No guarantees for anything. Use at your own risk!


Copyright 1997? University at Buffalo / Matthew D. Stock
Copyright 1997-1999 Henrik Nordström <webdns@henriknordstrom.se>

The copyright issuses on this version is not yet resolved with the original maintainer, but it can most likely be distributed freely on a "as-is" basis. I put no restrictions on the use of my modifitaions to this software, but you should contact the original maintainer Matthew D. Stock <stock@perdix.acsu.buffalo.edu>/University at Buffalo if unsure.

Original versions

WEBDNS by Chris Lindblad <cjl@lcs.mit.edu>: webdns

WebDNS by Matthew D. Stock <stock@perdix.acsu.buffalo.edu>: webdns-buffalo-022797.tar.gz